Master Translation Service has branches in mainland China and Taiwan, allowing it to master international markets with a local advantage.

About Master Translation Service (MTS)

Master Translation Service Taiwan is the branch of Master Translation Service Xiamen, providing professional translation service including translation, interpretation and website localization.

Master Translation Service regards translation as a kind of art, aiming to convey the language to the world by accurate translation service. Providing professional translations for over 30 languages with various professional translation aids, we have covered official languages and commonly used languages in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Master Translation Service has branches in Xiamen, Shanghai, Quanzhou and Fuzhou in mainland China with abundant recourses, and also acquired ISO 9000 quality certificate in 2010. In order to provide comprehensive translation solutions in Chinese-speaking area, the Taiwan branch was founded in 2010, mainly responsible for traditional Chinese business.

Pursuing the excellence of translation quality, Master Translation Service Taiwan will continue embracing a global vision in the future. MTS is committed to providing professional services with an in-depth understanding of customer needs, and offering comprehensive solutions to create maximum value for translation.